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08 October 2019
Smart city and wise citySmart city and wise city

The term smart cities mainly refers to the field of technology. Some fear that the intelligent cities of the future will be massively robotic, with algorithms dominating people. Hence the need for more citizen engagement in designing the digital revolution of their urban spaces

03 October 2019
Greece is first Balkan country to announce a coal phase-out date. The revolution has already started in Western MacedoniaGreece is first Balkan country to announce a coal phase-out date. The revolution has already started in Western Macedonia

The Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis surprised the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York by announcing the end of the use of coal by 2028 and the dismantling of plants. This is our report from Western Macedonia, the leading energy producing area of Greece, where they are analysing viable solutions to replace lignite

02 October 2019
Europe set to take flight as a leader in drone servicesEurope set to take flight as a leader in drone services

Harmonising regulations regarding drone manufacturing, safety and operation in the EU is a first step toward creating a true service market. The removal of uncertainty is being welcomed by members of the industry who are hopeful that these rules will set the standard for global drone aviation

02 October 2019
Brexit: an opportunity for local food systems?Brexit: an opportunity for local food systems?

Brexit presents big risks for food supply in the UK, but could it also offer an opportunity for the country to change the way it produces and sells food? Maybe, but only if the government step-ups and takes local food systems seriously

24 September 2019
Renaturing cities: good for health and the economyRenaturing cities: good for health and the economy

Nature has historically been a ‘blind spot’ for urban planners. Spatial analyst Thami Croeser reveals how many cities are bringing it back into their spaces, with innovative nature-based solutions to tackle the effects of climate change and air pollution

29 August 2019
Logistics: the Achilles' heel of the short food supply chainLogistics: the Achilles' heel of the short food supply chain

From the ‘uberisation’ of last mile delivery to the use of smart lockers, from the offer of ready-to-eat products to the constant search for higher produce quality: how short food supply chain (SFSC) producers may face distribution costs and compete with supermarkets

17 July 2019
Researchers simulate mafia and terrorism recruitmentResearchers simulate mafia and terrorism recruitment

Computational and social sciences help institutions prevent and fight the recruitment process of mafia and terrorist organisations. Researchers developed a new tool that will be made available to municipalities to ‘measure’ the future economic and social effects of their policies

15 July 2019
Sustainable nappies for eco-friendly generationsSustainable nappies for eco-friendly generations

Biodegradable nappies and sanitary pads could reduce the burden that fossil-based plastic litter puts on nature. The prototypes currently developed are meant to be of higher quality, but still they are more expensive than the similar conventional products on the market

02 July 2019
Surfing on bio-based boardsSurfing on bio-based boards

Surfboards are not as eco-friendly as you might think. Could bio-based materials and new technological developments help?

27 June 2019
Could the roads of the future be bio-based?Could the roads of the future be bio-based?

Bitumen is a by-product of oil production and is used to bind the surfaces of paved roads. Some researchers, concerned about its environmental impacts and future supply if petroleum refining slows down, have started to develop bio-based alternatives