Smart city platform to monitor electric mobility

Smart city platform to monitor electric mobility

The focus of this year´s European Mobility Week, from 16 to 22 September, is “mix and move“, an encouragement for citizens to change how they travel. Boosting electric mobility is crucial for this, and Valladolid, Spain, is testing solutions and aiming to be a “lighthouse” city for clean transport in Europe

Low-carbon mobility is essential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In Valladolid, Spain, hybrid buses use electricity in the city centre and are connected to a smart city platform which monitors how often they charge and how much.

The vehicles are linked to the energy grid at their start and ending point of the route. After just about 6 minutes, the buses are fully charged again and ready to go.

The Municipality has also implemented an electric car sharing network for their employees. In six months 100 users have charged the cars about 3500 times at the 29 charging points.

The charging of the electric cars is monitored by the same smart city platform as for the e-buses. It gathers data of usage and charging behaviour.

The solutions are part of a larger package of information and communications technology (ICT) solutions, developed under the European smart city project called Remourban, which is also taking place in the UK and in Turkey. All participating cities gather and share information to promote the best green and "intelligent" measures for replication around the world.

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