Automated Truck Inspection

Total control on a Bavarian motorway: European researchers and German Police set up a test zone for extensive traffic monitoring. Their goal is to identify overloaded trucks which destroy roads and cause accidents and traffic jams

German highway engineers have set up a new system of cameras and sensors in the ground – to determine weight, speed and even state of the wheels and brakes. Using a 3D camera system, the researchers can even determine safety distances and model overtaking manoeuvres.

Rigobert Opitz is the technical coordinator of ROC Systemtechnik GmbH in Germany which is one of 18 partners in the European Research Project ASSET Road where the system was developed. “This technology protects the environment, reducing highway maintenance costs and protects human lives,” he says and explains his reasoning: “By trying to maintain smooth traffic flow by keeping overloaded trucks off the roads we can lower CO2 emissions and improve quality and safety for all drivers”.

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