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December 2010
21 December 2010EU motors ahead with van emissions targets

Green groups argue that watered down standards will increase corporate fuel bills

17 December 2010Road to a safer future

A successful collaborative effort between researchers and industry partners has led to the development of an automated and robust traffic surveillance system, which could make road travel across Europe safer for all

17 December 2010Paris to introduce self-service electric car scheme

Mayor Bertrand Delanoë unveils environmentally friendly Autolib project in latest attempt to reduce Paris traffic

16 December 2010Seaweed As Biofuel? Metabolic Engineering Makes It A Viable Option

Is red seaweed a viable future biofuel? Now that a University of Illinois metabolic engineer has developed a strain of yeast that can make short work of fermenting galactose, the answer is an unequivocal yes

09 December 2010How Can Urban Areas Efficiently Save Energy

Germany is a country of towns and cities. Almost 90 percent of the population lives and works in urban conurbations. The need for energy is obviously highest where these people are located, and that is the key to achieving a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

November 2010
12 November 2010Italy Goes Solar With First Sun-Powered Road

The A18 Catania-Siracusa motorway, a 30km addition to Sicily's 600km motorway network, will be a fully solar-powered motorway, the first in its kind 

09 November 2010Kroes renews EU push for 'connected' cars

Neelie Kroes, the EU's commissioner for digital affairs, is urging car manufacturers to use information technology to improve road safety and unblock Europe's congested roads

08 November 2010More green buses for London

Transport for London (TfL) has secured funding from the EU to add to its range of hydrogen buses

08 November 2010Green groups launch fresh attack on 'carbon intensive' biofuels

NGO report predicts EU plans to boost biofuels will convert an area of land twice the size of Belgium to agricultural use by 2020

05 November 2010EU looks to alternative fuels for 'green' cars

The EU needs a long-term strategy on alternative fuels to decarbonise its transport sector by 2050, according to a draft report from the European Commission