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February 2011
25 February 2011Passengers, polluters will pay for green transport, says EU

The European Commission has drawn up a plan to cut planet-warming transport emissions to "at least 60%" of 1990 levels by 2050, but environmentalists say it lacks urgency – and travellers and transport companies alike will foot the bill

08 February 2011Energy summit grapples with fossil fuel habit

EU leaders agreed to merge and strengthen energy networks at their first ever energy summit on 4 February, giving a boost to the renewable energy industry and helping to curb Europe's growing reliance on fossil fuels

January 2011
26 January 2011Big cities are not always biggest polluters

Big cities like New York, London and Shanghai send less pollution into the atmosphere per capita than places like Denver and Rotterdam, said a study released Tuesday

19 January 2011Toyota working on motors that cut rare earth use

Toyota on Tuesday said it is developing a new type of electric motor that would reduce its need for magnets, a move analysts say would help it cut its dependence on rare earth metals and lower costs

10 January 2011Could seawater clean up shipping emissions?

California ports test seawater scrubber that aims to slash sulphur oxide and diesel soot emissions