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February 2011
25 February 2011New Technology For Cheaper More Efficient Solar Cells

The sun provides more than enough energy for all our needs, if only we could harness it cheaply and efficiently

25 February 2011Passengers, polluters will pay for green transport, says EU

The European Commission has drawn up a plan to cut planet-warming transport emissions to "at least 60%" of 1990 levels by 2050, but environmentalists say it lacks urgency – and travellers and transport companies alike will foot the bill

25 February 2011Ancient Catastrophic Drought Leads to Question: How Severe Can Climate Change Become?

How severe can climate change become in a warming world? Worse than anything we've seen in written history, according to results of a study recently appearing in the journal Science.

24 February 2011EU to start mentoring scheme for businesswomen

Women entrepreneurs got an important nod from the European Commission in its review of the Small Business Act this week, and advocates hope it signals renewed energy and funding for EU initiatives

23 February 2011Blood Test May Find Markers of Bladder Cancer Risk

Knowing that it is impossible to catalog all the carcinogenic exposures a person has had in life and then assess them, Brown University researcher Carmen Marsit is looking for a more precise way to predict individual susceptibility to cancer

23 February 2011Newcastle geothermal energy project promises to heat up the toon

Howay the drillers, as work begins on two kilometre borehole to heat Newcastle science park and city centre buildings

23 February 2011European Commission moves to beef up carbon trading security

Connie Hedegaard sets out short and long term measures designed to improve emissions trading scheme security

23 February 2011MIT Engineers Design New Nanoparticle That Could Lead to Vaccines for HIV, Malaria, Other Diseases

MIT engineers have designed a new type of nanoparticle that could safely and effectively deliver vaccines for diseases such as HIV and malaria 

22 February 2011Groundbreaking technology will revolutionize blood pressure measurement

In a major scientific breakthrough, a new blood pressure measurement device is set to revolutionise the way patients' blood pressure is measured

22 February 2011Nanotechnology could pave the way for hydrogen fuels

EADS Innovation Works, the Group’s corporate research arm, is working with university researchers to find a new solid state storage system for hydrogen. This technology would make it possible to use hydrogen as a clean alternative to traditional hydrocarbon-based fuels in aeroplane and car engines