SDE Has Finalized The Construction Of The First Sea Wave Power Plant

SDE has finalized the construction of the first large-scale sea wave power plant, in Jaffa Port in Israel.

The technology of producing electricity from sea waves is innovative and a leading method worldwide. Pollution and global warming as a result of fuel usage have taught the world that the largest world resource to create electricity is sea waves.

In the past, the sea wave energy conversion method has received support from the Chief Scientist of Israel, Ministry of Industry and Trade, approval no. 23425, which had enabled S.D.E. to build eight (8) sea wave power plant models.

The last of which, has operated successfully for a period of two years, producing 40KWh.

The new sea wave power plant, which is actually the 9th plant built by SDE company, has been finalized and operated in the recent days, proving itself as a better and improved version of the previous models.

It can produce 60 KWh (with only one buoys), it is a full automatic model, and only 10% of the whole system is in the waters, which minimizes the risk to the system in cases of storms and other natural disasters.

The 60KWh sea wave power plant is an initial stage of a total construction plan of 50MW on the breakwater of Jaffa Port. Jaffa's breakwater is 1000 meters long and the construction of SDE's sea wave power plant, will provide cost-efficient renewable energy source to the port, as well as prevent the erosion of the breakwater that is usually caused by high waves.

In addition, Israel's Electric utility is willing to purchase the electricity from sea waves at a very attractive price of 12 cents per KW.

(Energy Daily)

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