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About Us is an independent non-profit media agency promoting the leading-edge European innovation via TV media and the web. designs and implements media communication strategies for large research organisations and EU-funded projects and is able to establish permanent links between the research communities and the media. To date, more than 120 EU-funded projects and independent research organisations successfully exploited the platform to implement their communication strategy towards the media and the general public. products include original TV reportages and original articles and interviews written by professional journalists. Our media products cover a wide spectrum of research areas including  ICT, Environment, Energy, Health, Transport, Nanotechnologies, Society, Gender and many others. All products are designed for large-scale distribution world-wide. reaches TV media. We rely on a very large TV distribution network for our video productions, exploiting the principal European world TV distribution channels, including the EBU satellites,the pan-European TV station Euronews and many others. In the last 2 years audiovisuals reached more than 120 million people worldwide, corresponding to about 3% of the total TV watchers in the world. These data put at the forefront of science communication via television media. reaches web media and on-line communities. We release original articles and interviews featuring most prominent leading-edge S&T innovation distributed to the on-line press, blogs, fora and the on-line communities. Articles and interviews written by our network of professional journalists are regularly mirrored and taken-up by several tens of reputed on-line news services, magazines, blogs, fora and institutional RTD websites.

The website currently holds a record of more than 5,000 unique visitors per month and is rapidly becoming an acknowledged primary information source for on-line communities and press journalists. makes also extensive use of community building and distribution techniques through the adoption of web2.0 instruments (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc.). is an European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) based in Brussels with branch offices in Italy, Germany and France. members have been working together on audiovisual science communication projects since year 1998.