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14 June 2019
Short food supply chains: setting another place at the tableShort food supply chains: setting another place at the table

Ever more citizens are opting for short food supply network to get fresh local produce. They bypass supermarkets and support sustainable agriculture. However, this is often the prerogative of an educated and activist population. The challenge is to involve more disadvantaged people

13 June 2019
Sexism also exists in botanySexism also exists in botany

An increase in allergies associated with pollen may be a self-inflicted wound caused by our preference for male plants, hence the need to assess better the allergenic potential of green spaces

04 June 2019
Oceans: they pollute, they payOceans: they pollute, they pay

In an effort to combat ocean plastic pollution the EU has just adopted ambitious new legislation targeting ten of the most common single use plastic products, washing up on beaches and imposing greater responsibility on plastic manufacturers for their clean-up

31 May 2019
Bike, bus, metro, foot: going intermodalBike, bus, metro, foot: going intermodal

Intermodality is the smart future of urban mobility. Ever more cities need to offer public mobility options that combine several means of transport to decrease the use of private cars

27 May 2019
Bikes beat trafficBikes beat traffic

On 3 June the UN celebrates World Bicycle Day to promote sustainable transportation and road safety. We report from Turkey, where Tepebaşı, a district of Eskişehir, aims to revive a once very vibrant biking culture which was largely replaced by motorised transportation

20 May 2019
Programming the forces of evolutionProgramming the forces of evolution

Robots can utilise computational natural selection to boost experimental power and avoid hours of trial and error

14 May 2019
Soft robotics: what the octopus has taught usSoft robotics: what the octopus has taught us

Ten years ago the octopus inspired the world's first entirely soft robot, made with silicone. The artificial octopus allowed researchers to simplify control and sensory-motor behaviour of robots, enabling them to be more efficient than rigid-linked hard machines. Everything started from a dream of researcher Cecilia Laschi

07 May 2019
Electric cars: current trends make for a shocking changeElectric cars: current trends make for a shocking change

While vehicle manufacturers invest in research, authorities are working to improve charging infrastructure to support consumers’ growing interest in the sector. The day when electric cars dominate the passenger transport market no longer seems quite so distant

06 May 2019
Smart 3D modelling for buildingsSmart 3D modelling for buildings

Building information modelling (BIM) has disrupted the construction industry. The digital technology represents and processes all the characteristics of a building in its whole life-cycle, allowing architects, engineers and construction professionals to design and manage it in a more efficient way

30 April 2019
The revolution of plantoidsThe revolution of plantoids

Robots are usually inspired by humans and animals. But the very last frontier is the ‘plantoids’ – plant robots able to move and explore the environment with their smart sensors. Their ‘mother’ is researcher Barbara Mazzolai