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Education and Training
Rooting sustainability starts on school benches Rooting sustainability starts on school benches

How can we prepare students for the environmental challenges ahead? One way is to show younger generations the path towards smart cities of the future

November 2016
Ecology for Kids Ecology for Kids

In the attempt to reduce pollution, European governments have agreed upon the Kyoto Protocol, which establishes quotas on gas release and supports the plantation as well as the preservation of forests

June 2005
Music Classes go Digital Music Classes go Digital

The world’s future musicians may soon make their first steps in the music industry with the help of a computer. IMUTUS software teaches, listens to and assesses the performances of beginners and intermediate musicians

May 2005
Maths, not a foreign Language Maths, not a foreign Language

Europe is taking action against the increasing lack of interest in maths and the drop in scientific university students. This is being done by the creation of a new international language for children

March 2005
Playing with Science Playing with Science

In Athens, Greece, a new technology is revolutionising the teaching of science, aiming to increase the number of students choosing a scientific career path

January 2005
SMEs getting Schooling at Home SMEs getting Schooling at Home
There are 19 million small-to-medium sized businesses in Europe. Their directors have many responsibilities and must be up-to-date with all aspects of their market. (Apr. '03)
April 2003