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A New View of Parkinson's A New View of Parkinson's

Glasses make Parkinson’s sufferers future look brighter. A pair of glasses which uses virtual images could help people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) to cope with walking problems

June 2006
A Third Eye for Rescuers A Third Eye for Rescuers

Fire brigades will soon have access to a safety system which is able to accurately detect and locate people that may be trapped in debris after, for example, an earthquake

August 2005
Beyond UMTS Beyond UMTS
The mobile revolution continues. UMTS is slowly becoming the new standard in mobile communication, providing new services to users throughout the European Union. (Dec. '04)
November 2007
Click where You Look Click where You Look

Sarah lives in Cornwall with her parents. She is 20 years old and has been quadriplegic since she was 18 months old. Despite being paralysed from the neck down, Sarah is independent and uses a mouth pointer to type on her PC

November 2007
Designing Workspaces Designing Workspaces

It is the ultimate viewing tool for designers and engineers. Models can be examined and tested thoroughly in three dimensions, before they are built in the workshops

January 2005
e-Anatomy e-Anatomy

A new software has been developed to create 3-D models of the human body. The system will soon be applied for treatment in orthopaedic wards

October 2005
e-Security in Online Banking e-Security in Online Banking

“You can always try to steal my PIN code or my visa card, but you cannot steal my face or my voice. Biometrics is a way of proving that I am myself”

December 2004
Ecology for Kids Ecology for Kids

In the attempt to reduce pollution, European governments have agreed upon the Kyoto Protocol, which establishes quotas on gas release and supports the plantation as well as the preservation of forests

June 2005
Healthy Heart's at Home Healthy Heart's at Home

A new range of garments will soon be out. Gucci? Prada? - Not this time. The emphasis here is not fashion but prevention of chronic heart disease

October 2007
Harnessing Solar Energy Harnessing Solar Energy

The price of oil is going through the roof. There is concern about the protection of the environment and public health. These factors mean that we should look to renewable energy sources, which we already have at our disposal

February 2003
High-tech Women & Immigrants High-tech Women & Immigrants

A European research team has been exploring the relationship between technological innovation and resulting socio-economic transformations, particularly in the employment and integration of women and immigrant workers

April 2005
Home, safe Home Home, safe Home

Home sweet home, but not always safe. We hear daily about gas leaks, floods, circuit breaks and fires. Victims are often children, the elderly and the disabled

December 2004
Images from the Past Images from the Past

With only a GPS system and three other small devices, the Ancient Past can now pop up from the ruins in front of the tourist’s eyes. This system has already been trialed in Pompei, Italy, and Greece

June 2005
Managing 'Kyoto Forests' Managing 'Kyoto Forests'

In the attempt to reduce pollution, the representatives of the most industrialised countries in Europe have agreed upon the Kyoto Protocol, which establishes quotas on gas release

September 2007
Maths, not a foreign Language Maths, not a foreign Language

Europe is taking action against the increasing lack of interest in maths and the drop in scientific university students. This is being done by the creation of a new international language for children

March 2005
Multimedia Museum Guides Multimedia Museum Guides

Multimedia art is so new and strange to most of us that it still takes a lot of explaining. What is needed is not only a new way to exhibit multimedia art, but also a new way of guiding visitors

February 2005
Music Classes go Digital Music Classes go Digital

The world’s future musicians may soon make their first steps in the music industry with the help of a computer. IMUTUS software teaches, listens to and assesses the performances of beginners and intermediate musicians

May 2005
Network to the Stars Network to the Stars
For many years the observation of space has depended on just one big radio telescope at any one time. However, they can only reach a resolution equivalent to the human eye. (Feb. '05)
September 2007
Playing with Science Playing with Science

In Athens, Greece, a new technology is revolutionising the teaching of science, aiming to increase the number of students choosing a scientific career path

January 2005
Protecting Patient Data Protecting Patient Data

For every physician and patient, reduction of medical error is a priority issue. 10% of diagnoses and prescriptions are estimated to be flawed. Similarly, it is important to prevent data ‘mis-transmission’ as well as to assure patient confidentiality

June 2004