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Arran Frood

I am writer and freelance science journalist, currently residing in Bristol, UK. I started working as a freelance science writer in 2000. I have since written news and features for a variety of specialist and general publications, including New ScientistNatureBBC Online, as well as for The TimesThe Telegraph and The Independent in the UK. 

Following a BSc in Biology and an MSc in Pest Management from Imperial College, I did not get the PhD I wanted to study ants.  Instead, I worked my way to the Science Photo Library (SPL), a hotbed of creative sales and editorial work that further fired my imagination for all things scientific and artistic. After freelancing for five years whilst working at SPL, carving out a niche in covering the potential therapeutic benefits of prohibited drugs, I moved onto the prestigious science journal Nature where I was Web Editor and then Web Projects Editor. Subsequently, I went freelance full-time before joining UK life science science-funders BBSRC as Web Content Writer, a role that includes considerable work on video, multimedia and social media. 

In addition to freelance for, as well as other outlets, I have also expanded my publishing repertoire to include comics, poetry, short stories, and other forms of scribble.  

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Improving the imperfect: photosynthesis for the futureImproving the imperfect: photosynthesis for the future

Engineering novel pathways to potentially boost plant yield nets finalist place in the EU Innovation Radar Prize

16 Nov 2017
Climate change threatens some of the world’s best winesClimate change threatens some of the world’s best wines

Global warming is affecting the taste and production of wine growing regions across the world. Finding genes better suited to stress and pests can boost resilience

25 Jul 2017
Functional foods from the seaFunctional foods from the sea

The prebiotic potential of seaweed derived nutriments has to be further confirmed before marine nutritional supplements flood the shelves of our health shops

03 Apr 2013
Turning the tide on seaweed supplementsTurning the tide on seaweed supplements

Proving the health benefits of a new class of compounds extracted from seaweed may require undergoing lengthy trials and comparison with similar substances before they become available as food supplements

10 Jan 2013
Big Brother Watching Teens’ Diet and PlayBig Brother Watching Teens’ Diet and Play

A new pan-European project aims to find the determinants of eating behaviour and physical activity of adolescents replaced in the family context 

13 Jul 2012