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Gianluca Dotti

I am a freelance science writer and journalist born in 1988 in the heart of the Po Valley in Italy. I started my career studying physics and specializing in condensed matter and applied physics. And it was there at the university of Modena, following a course of communication and ethics of science, that I decided to become a science communicator and a journalist.

So I got a master's degree in digital science journalism at SISSA in Trieste and then I began to work with different realities of scientific communication. Among these I have a long-term collaboration with the magazine Wired Italy, with the publishing house Pearson and with a series of journals like OggiScienza and L’Unità. My main area of interest remains physics, but I often write about scientific hoaxes, energy and sustainability, with a particular focus on scientific issues related to current political events or daily episodes and news.

Among the other activities, I am engaged against cyberbullying (especially in adolescence) and I often hold training courses in the schools on the use of internet. Since 2013 I am also a videomaker specialized in the coverage of scientific events and in the realization of short documentaries. When there is the opportunity, I moderate talk shows about technology or tell a little science in radio programs. In most social networks I am @undotti.

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Rebound behaviours, nudges, competition: energy saving is a matter of mindsetRebound behaviours, nudges, competition: energy saving is a matter of mindset

Lowering consumption is not as simple as introducing a new gadget. Besides implementing innovative technologies, it is necessary to stimulate an end-user behavioural change. And cognitive sciences can support energy conservation attitudes

06 May 2020
Nudging energy saving behavioursNudging energy saving behaviours

The theory of nudges comes from behavioural science and was pioneered by Nobel-winning Richard Thaler. It is now being studied as an alternative strategy to help reduce household energy waste

19 Feb 2020
Last trends in energy-saving applicationsLast trends in energy-saving applications

Empowering energy education is a milestone for a less energy-consuming society. To achieve this, apps may help but the challenge is to make them really usable for the many

30 Oct 2019
Bioplastics: use and misuseBioplastics: use and misuse

The prefix “bio” for plastics doesn’t mean that they are all easily degradable. Confusion over words often means people don’t recycle their waste properly

12 Oct 2017
Zero miles to our mouths: shortening food supply chainsZero miles to our mouths: shortening food supply chains

New technologies are being used to cut the distance our food travels from source to table. It could revolutionise the way we buy and consume groceries in future, boosting the sale of local produce and landing fresher fare on our plates

06 Sep 2017
Organic waste and insects: animal feed of the future?Organic waste and insects: animal feed of the future?

Right now, the European Union doesn’t have enough animal feed of its own to nourish livestock, forcing it to bring in supplies from beyond the bloc’s borders. To face this unsustainable dependency, researchers are looking for alternative protein sources

11 Aug 2017
Could ‘superfoods’ stop disease?Could ‘superfoods’ stop disease?

Lentils and broccoli, algae and insects: science is investigating traditional and new diets in a bid to reduce the risks of us getting ill

10 Aug 2017
Discovering the “third generation” of bioplasticsDiscovering the “third generation” of bioplastics

The ongoing revolution in packaging is the use of 100% organic materials obtained from the leftovers of agricultural production. An expert from the Italian National Research Council (CNR) says that in the early 2020s these bioplastics may become as competitive as traditional ones, even if not suitable for all uses

22 Jun 2017
Undersea HVDC cables, discovering some of the world’s top power interconnectionsUndersea HVDC cables, discovering some of the world’s top power interconnections

Submarine power cables are gaining a prominent role in sharing electricity between regions or different countries. Efficient transmission systems save energy, reduce pollution and secure power grids 

19 Jun 2017
Italian cities: not only beautiful, now they want to be smartItalian cities: not only beautiful, now they want to be smart

From North to South, different cities of the same country look for a sustainable and replicable model for energy efficiency. Udine and Salerno are among the forerunners of Italy’s smart revolution

21 Sep 2016