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Marco Boscolo

My first love is radio. In 2004, I started as a contributor to a show broadcasted on a local radio in Bologna, called Radio Città del Capo. At the time I was studying science communication at the University of Padua and I wanted to put in practice what I was studying. I then contributed to a programme called Pigreco Party for 8 years. I was then invited by the editor of the radio station to devise a show focused on technology and innovation, which is called Pensatech and is still running. Over the year, I have contributed to Italian radio science shows, such as Moebius on Radio24,  IlSole24Ore and Radio3Scienza on the Italian national public radio RAI.

In parallel, I started working as a freelance science writer and journalist. I have contributed to several Italian and international media outlets. For example, I write for the Italian edition of Scientific American, Le Scienze, the Italian edition of Wired and

My areas of interest have changed over time, progressively shifting from general scientific issues to more focused themes. Today, I like to write about nutrition, obesity-related diseases, epidemiology and environmental sciences. With a degree in history of science, I like to write about XIX century natural philosophy—my main area of interest at university—and scientific explorations.

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Resilient seeds - Nurturing the future of agricultureResilient seeds - Nurturing the future of agriculture

Climate change and man-made events put global food security at risk. But researching how plants produce seeds and evolve could help us find new ways to ensure food security

02 Feb 2016
Malin Parmar - Reversing Pakinson’s by programming stem cells as neuronsMalin Parmar - Reversing Pakinson’s by programming stem cells as neurons

A new research project investigates the possibilities of using stem cells therapies against neurodegenerative diseases

25 Feb 2014
Giorgio Metta: The advent of the sensing robotGiorgio Metta: The advent of the sensing robot

Next generation robotics development give robots sensory capabilities and the ability to interact with their environment

27 Jan 2014
Acoustic waves warn of tsunamiAcoustic waves warn of tsunami

An early warning system against tsunamis has been developed and tailored for the need of the Mediterranean, but preparedness on the ground is paramount to ensuring peoples’ safety.

29 Aug 2013
Antonio Bombelli: Africa’s carbon cycle under scrutinyAntonio Bombelli: Africa’s carbon cycle under scrutiny

Estimating the contribution of greenhouse gases from Africa is key in ensuring our picture of global warming is accurate. But this would require constant monitoring that has not been sustained.

02 Aug 2013
Safety and Security
Local input key in multi-risk planning decisionsLocal input key in multi-risk planning decisions

Land use planning and management now has all the scientific tools required for decision making. But scientists have yet to have an opportunity to collaborate with local authorities to implement them.

02 May 2013
Jaroslav Mysiak: More than water playJaroslav Mysiak: More than water play

Water policy instruments based on evidence-based and environmentally sound economic measures should replace financial instruments merely designed to recoup water costs

06 Mar 2013
Age-proof diet for longevityAge-proof diet for longevity

By studying the molecular mechanism of food nutrients from a Mediterranean diet in an elderly population, scientists hope to help countering their physical and mental decline

27 Feb 2013