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07 October 2014

Revolutionary System Monitors Water Pollution

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Scientists are developing a real-time monitoring system for offshore aquaculture, so fish and shellfish farmers can be warned in time and prevent epidemic.

Toxic microalgae, viruses and chemical contaminants are floating in our waters. These hazardous materials pose a high risk to the livelihood of the sea dwellers. Especially the aquaculture is affected by this rising problem. According to the European Commission nowadays already 24 percent of the fishes come from the EU aquacultures, which soon will surpass wild fisheries as the main source of seafood.

Current methods of measurements need too much time, so that farmer´s cannot take action and at worst they could lose their whole stock

Scientists of the EU-funded project Enviguard are now developing a real time monitoring system for offshore aquacultures. Applied on a moored buoy, the small device undertakes the same functions as a fully equipped laboratory. Three different sensors can allow a simultaneous monitoring of different threats. With this technology fish farmers can be warned timely, and prevent an epidemic in their aquacultures. provides its content to all media free of charge. We would appreciate if you could acknowledge as the source of the content.