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24 September 2015

Wind turbines: new device to reduce noise and increase efficiency

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Noise pollution is a big public concern associated with operating wind turbines. A group of European scientists claim to have found a solution to tackle this problem, assembling an innovative device on the blades. They are collaborating with a European project called Windtrust, which aims to reduce the cost of wind energy generation by further improving the reliability of key components of the turbine.

Noise pollution is one of the main public concerns associated with operating wind turbines. To tackle this problem, technicians at a Spanish windfarm near Burgos are assembling a new device on the blades. It has been developed under the European project Windtrust, aimed at increasing the efficiency and reducing the cost of wind energy generation.

Furthermore, researchers wish to optimise the use of carbon fibre to build the blades, increase their durability and reduce weight, the aim being to help extend the overall service life of turbines.

At the same time, near Madrid, researchers are testing the so-called “Wind converter”, a device that transforms the mechanical energy of the blades into electricity. Technicians wish to maximise the balance between energy generation and machine service life.

Wind power technology engineers today have to face a number of challenges: discontinuity of supply due to weather conditions, difficulty of energy storage, impact on the environment, high costs of energy generation and maintenance of equipment. Increasing the effectiveness and durability of turbine components will contribute to a better and more widespread use of wind energy. provides its content to all media free of charge. We would appreciate if you could acknowledge as the source of the content.
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Wind turbines: new device to reduce noise and increase efficiency

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