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29 March 2010

4,000 cities switch off lights as Earth Hour gathers pace

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This year's Earth Hour, the third, was the biggest yet as people in a record 126 countries switched off lights for to show concern about climate change

As well as being a physical phenomenon, the event captured the imagination of the blogosphere, with over 75 million mentions of the event on the internet over 24 hours and at its peak one in every 50 Tweets mentioned the event, making it the most popular subject on Twitter that day.

The event took place on Saturday night with organisers claiming it sent a powerful message that the public want action on climate change.

Andy Ridley co-founder and executive director of Earth Hour said, "The response from citizens, businesses and government has been truly phenomenal.

"Crossing geographic, economic and cultural boundaries, it has brought together people from all over the planet to celebrate the one thing we all share - the place we live."

"WWF's Earth Hour, at a personal, local and global level has become a rallying point for those who want action on climate change and are prepared to be part of the solution."


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