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24 March 2010

Biogas Plant Markets Finally On The Upswing

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The German biogas plants market plunged 80 per cent in 2008 pushed by the close succession of the global financial crisis, rising energy crops prices, and the revision of the German Renewable Energy law (EEG)

However, because the German biogas market accounted for nearly 70 per cent (1 billion USD) of the global/European total in 2009, Germany will likely remain the key market arena for biogas plants in 2010.
New analysis from Frost and Sullivan finds that despite recent economic instability, the construction of larger plants producing natural gas continues to be highly lucrative for both farmers and financial investors in Germany, with over 30 new plants planned for 2010.

Other countries are starting to mimic German renewable energy policies. The US and the EU are already implementing policies that will grow the biogas market sector while targeting farmers as primary users, assuming regulatory conditions are favorable.


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