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09 June 2010

Bulgaria takes first steps to adopting green building rules

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The Bulgarian Government has signed an agreement creating the first steps towards launching a green building code in the former Soviet-controlled country.

Consultants BRE Global and Greenworks have signed a memorandum of understanding for the development of BREEAM in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian based Greenworks, a small architectural group, is working to improve the sustainable design of buildings in the country.

Bulgaria will firstly, under the terms of the agreement, set up its own Advisory Council for BREEAM.

The council will include representatives of the country's leading developers, architectural firms and clients.

Greenworks will also develop BREEAM schemes as the National Scheme Operator (NSO) under the name BREEAM BG in Bulgaria.

Andreya Momerin of Greenworks, who is also vice-chair of the Bulgarian Sustainable Building Council, said: "BREEAM is the most established and respected evaluation system for green buildings.

"We have a strong drive to transform the built environment in Bulgaria and are pleased to be working with BRE Global to bring BREEAM to our country and ultimately to promote its development throughout the Balkan region."

(Environmental Data Interactive Exchange)

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