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19 April 2010

Caught in the Act: The Mall Cop Approach to Network Security

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Network security is often left up to trusting signatures and checking for observable triggers to detect aberrant network behavior

This is akin to locking doors, barring windows and setting alarms in a shopping mall. A more active approach is to put a guard on patrol and set up cameras. Somewhat analogous solutions exist for IT, and companies are working to drive down costs.

Advances in searching through massive piles of storage data could speed up deployment of a decade-old surveillance technology to catch bad guys dedicated to breaching corporate networks.

Heightened use of network Manage and monitor your systems with Landscape for Ubuntu. Free 60 day Trial. forensic technology can provide network admins with the equivalent of a video camera placed within corporate computer networks. This technology allows admins to rewind through weeks of network activity to catch hackers in the act of breaking in.

Breaches do not occur in isolation. This type of TiVo (Nasdaq: TIVO) effect would allow network security cops to trace the hacker's footsteps through the network to see where those committing the breach went and what they left behind.

More than 85 percent of corporate security officers expect a major network security event in the next three years or have had one in the past three years, according to a 2009 Trusted StrategiesNetwork Forensics Market Survey. Typically, it takes organizations rebounding from breach attacks two to 10 to discover the full scope of the incident -- sometimes even longer.

"It is a matter of when and not if a company will suffer a network breach. A secure company is one that manages a breach well by catching it early and minimizing damages," Andreas Antanopoulis, senior vice president and founding partner of The Nemertes Research Group, told TechNewsWorld.


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