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17 March 2010

Could Peterborough become the UK's smartest city?

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Council to pioneer city-wide smart grid system capable of monitoring energy, water and waste data

Peterborough could soon become the somewhat unlikely green capital of the UK after the council announced it is to team up with a group of businesses to roll out one of the most sophisticated smart grid projects in Europe.

The coalition, which includes IT giant IBM, engineering firm Royal Haskoning, environmental consultancy Green Ventures and local development agency Opportunity Peterborough, has today launched a project to develop a single online platform for monitoring and analysing real-time data from the city's energy, water, transport and waste systems.

The data will be used to provide council officials, businesses and households with up-to-the-minute information on the city's environmental performance through a central web portal.

It is hoped that the new system will allow the council, utilities and local businesses to easily share environmental information and better integrate various processes to curb carbon emissions, water use, waste levels and congestion.

The data should also allow the city to identify those areas with the greatest environmental impacts and develop policies to address the worst-performing areas.


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