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25 March 2010

EPA Solicits Input on Ocean Acidification and Carbon Dioxide Limits Under Water Pollution Law

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The Environmental Protection Agency launched an effort Monday seeking public input on how to address ocean acidification under the Clean Water Act

The notice, published in the Federal Register, comes in response to a settlement of a Center for Biological Diversity lawsuit over ocean acidification.

"This action by EPA marks the first step toward creating limits on CO2 pollution causing ocean acidification," said Miyoko Sakashita, oceans director at the Center for Biological Diversity. "EPA is acknowledging the reach of the Clean Water Act as a tool that may be able to reduce acidification, which is poised to become the most serious water-quality threat to our oceans."

EPA is soliciting information on what the agency should consider to determine if waters are impaired by ocean acidification; impaired waters are those requiring limits on pollution to protect water quality. EPA's action aims toward issuing guidance on how to approach ocean acidification under the Clean Water Act.

(ENN - Environmental News Network)

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