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04 June 2010

Fiat and MINI top green charts

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Fiat and MINI have emerged as the 'cleanest' car manufacturers in a new league table measuring overall pollution levels

They are followed by Suzuki, Hyundai and Toyota in the table produced by analysts at Clean Green Cars, which takes into account not just emissions, but the number of cars sold by each maker too.

Gauging emissions of CO2, NOx and particulates and then 'weighting' the results with each manufacturers' sales, the league table puts Land Rover in bottom place, followed by Jeep, Chrysler, Subaru and Mercedes.

"CO2 is hugely important but it is not the whole story," said Richard Bremner, editor of Clean Green Cars. "A car that is good for CO2 can be bad for other pollutants and vice versa. We have spent six months analysing data for all three pollutants to come up with the first overall pollution score."

Clean Green Cars says that the basis of the table is a unique combination of registration data and CO2 (carbon dioxide) performance from industry analysts Redspy, as well as NOx (oxides of nitrogen) and particulate data from the UK government's VCA database. By correlating pollution and sales data, it has created sales-weighted performance for all manufacturers.

"This is the vital step that has not been done before - without weighting pollution figures by sales, they are meaningless as a measure of overall performance," added Mr Bremner. "One has to know the relative sales of, say, a Focus 2.0 TDCI against a Focus RS to know an overall figure for Ford."

Whereas CO2 varies by a factor of less than three in the rankings, NOx varies by a factor of seven and particulates by a factor of more than 50.


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