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08 February 2011

GL Garrad Hassan Launches Onshore Wind Resource Mapping For UK

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The new Feed In Tariff in Britain has produced an increased level of interest in small wind farms.

Good wind speed estimates are vital for the proper selection of sites but small projects cannot always afford to erect masts.
To satisfy this new need, GL Garrad Hassan has developed a wind resource map of Great Britain as part of its global resource mapping range, which includes wind maps for India, Turkey, Lebanon and France.

Although there is much publicity and activity attached to offshore wind farms in the UK there is also renewed onshore activity on which this service is focussed.

The maps use Mesoscale Compressible Community (MC2) modelling results applied to a microscale flow model in order to predict wind speeds at hub heights of 50 m and 80 m, at 100 m resolution, and are used by individual developers and larger industrial clients.

This approach enables thorough consideration of the effect of terrain features on the wind regime at each location within the wind map. GL Garrad Hassan has been making wind speed resource evaluations in the UK for 25 years and these new results have been appraised by GL Garrad Hassan's experts who analyse thousands of megawatts annually.


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