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06 September 2010

Global warming to boost economic power of cities in the 'New North' which can unlock natural resources

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Canada and Scandinavia to become 'migration magnets' as previously frozen assets become usable, predicts academic

Global warming will make cities in northern countries like Canada and Scandinavia the next big global economic powers, a senior academic has predicted.

Rising temperatures will mean that previously frozen natural resources like gas, oil and water will be unlocked just as the rest of the world is facing dramatic shortages.

Professor Laurence Smith, a UCLA professor of geography and of earth and space sciences, claims that sparsely populated parts of world like the northern US, Greenland and Russia will become 'migration magnets' as people flock to the new centres of global power.

Professor Smith also predicts that be 2050 these northern rim countries, which he nicknames NORCs, will become magnets for migration.

He predicts that oil production in Canada will be the second biggest in the world, behind Saudi Arabia, while migration will make its population soar by 30 per cent.

And he says that new shipping lanes will open up in the Arctic ice allowing trade ships to pass directly from the Atlantic to the Far East for the first time.

NORCs will be one of the few places in the world where crop production will increase while these countries will control vast reserves of fresh water which will be sold to other regions.


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