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21 June 2010

Green car sales close in on one million units

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Hybrids continue to dominate market, but report predicts plug-in electric models will shift 500,000 units a year by 2015

Global sales of electric and alternative fuel vehicles are set to reach a record 940,000 units this year, according to a report released late last week by UK-based consultancy firm JD Power.

The report, entitled Electric vehicles help spark the drive to go green, said that sales of alternative fuel vehicles will increase 28 per cent year-on-year, far outpacing the eight per cent growth expected across the standard light vehicle sector.

It also predicts that annual sales of hybrid and electric vehicles will top three million units by 2015, accounting for 3.4 per cent of global light vehicle sales.

Unsurprisingly, the report said that standard gas-electric hybrids will continue to dominate the market for green cars, accounting for around 98 per cent of the market.

But it also predicted that interest in plug-in electric vehicles would continue to increase, noting that sales are expected to reach 23,000 this year, before climbing to 500,000 units a year by 2015.


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