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08 July 2010

Green software standard paves way for ubiquitous carbon footprints

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Standard expected to make it easier for emerging carbon software suites to work together

Measuring and reporting on the environmental impact of businesses and products could get a lot simpler with the launch of a new software standard designed to help firms collect and exchange green data.

The Business & Application Software Developers' Association (BASDA) will next week launch a data exchange standard, dubbed Green-XML, that should make it easier for developers to integrate data on carbon emissions and water use into business software applications.

BASDA's existing eBis XML standard provides developers with a standardised method for handling and transferring data between different online purchasing and invoicing systems, and the new standard will apply the same model to increasingly popular environmental metrics.

As a result, companies should be able to develop software that allows them to obtain the water footprint data associated with a product alongside the electronic invoice for that product, or provide customers with carbon emission data whenever they purchase an item online.


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