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08 November 2010

High Sensitivity Near-Infrared Cameras Improve Solar Cell Production

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Baumer's innovative TXG14NIR cameras enable better inline process and quality control, helping optimize solar cell wafer fabrication

The new TXG14NIR camera is one of a diverse selection of TX industrial cameras that solve several critical measurement tasks in the production of solar cells.

With enhanced sensitivity in the near infrared (NIR), the TXG14NIR is especially qualified for automatic inspection of wafers for solar cells.

Measuring electroluminescence (EL) using NIR imaging cameras permits the detection of fractures as well as failures in the crystal structure.

These images give information on the integrity and effectiveness of each wafer prior to the next processing step.

The TXG14NIR camera provides a significantly higher sensitivity at the required wavelengths and, simultaneously, provides high resolution images with 1392 x 1040 pixels.

Structural defects within the wafer can be easily detected, enabling better quality control in any wafer handling process.


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