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04 January 2011

How Will Energy Provision Change Over The Next Few Decades

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Several studies forecast that by 2050, it will be possible for Germany to obtain a high proportion of its energy from renewable sources

DLR also has significant involvement in the expansion of wind, hydroelectric and solar power stations. But what specific changes can be anticipated here?
The DLR Executive Board Member responsible for Energy and Transport research, Ulrich Wagner, provides insight into future prospects.

In June 2010, DLR, along with 30 other experts, presented a global energy scenario commissioned by Greenpeace International and the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC). By 2050, up to 80 percent of energy needs could be covered by renewable sources, and this could cut emissions of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas, massively.

"The important thing is not just to build renewable energy power stations as we go along, but also to raise the efficiency levels of conventional power stations," says Wagner. In parallel with the expansion of renewables, these coal and gas-fired power stations are scheduled to remain in service for many years.


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