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04 January 2011

Hungary EU presidency aims to accelerate energy policy

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Flurry of medium and long-term action plans expected to be approved this year

Hungary is reportedly poised to make energy policy one of the defining issues of its EU presidency when it takes up the six-month rotating presidency next month.

Energy will be at the top of the agenda at the first EU summit chaired by Hungary on 4 February. Officials will push for negotiation between leaders to focus on controversial EU energy market reform and measures to prevent Europe losing its lead as a clean energy hub to China and other emerging economies.

Hungary is also expected to push for the finalisation of a number of EU action plans, including its proposals to improve energy efficiency over the next decade and its energy infrastructure priorities, both of which it hopes will be formally endorsed by ministers before the end of its presidency.

The news comes just weeks after MEPs voted resoundingly in favour of proposals for a binding EU-wide target that would require member states to improve energy efficiency 20 per cent by 2020.


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