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31 March 2010

It’s the green economy, stupid

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EU 2020 strategy ignores natural constraints of economic growth

As EU leaders discuss the rebuilding of Europe’s economies after the recession, Greenpeace warns that governments are losing sight of the physical constraints to economic recovery and the EU’s energy system. The European Commission’s plan for an EU economic strategy for 2020 fails to recognise the finite nature of the resources our economies currently depend on, such as fuel, land and water.

Greenpeace EU climate policy director Joris den Blanken said: “Economies crash not only because of greed, fraud and toxic assets, but also because of resources running out. Higher resource consumption will not in itself deliver increased wellbeing for Europeans. With large-scale extinction of animals and plants, drinking water shortages, as well as declining fuel reserves, our economies could run themselves into the ground unless we make them more efficient and more sustainable. Jobs and economic recovery will only be possible if EU leaders have the ambition to see a green agenda through.”


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