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25 February 2010

Londoners doing more than ever to address impacts of climate change

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Londoners are doing more than ever before to address the effects of climate change, according to the Environment Agency’s latest State of the Environment report for the capital.

Household recycling has increased since last year’s report from 25% to 29%, and the average amount of water used per person has fallen, as residents of the capital start to make real progress into helping preserve and protect the environment, the report shows.

The report, which is updated annually, is designed to help inform policy makers, developers and the public, promote sustainable development, and protect and improve the environment in London.

  • 85% of the properties at risk of flooding in London have a low likelihood of flooding from rivers and the sea due to defences such as the Thames Barrier.
  • Household recycling and composting has increased by 4% and the amount of municipal waste sent to landfill continues to decline.
  • The five-year average water use per person in London has declined slightly. Since last year, leakage has declined and water metering has increased, but more needs to be done.

 (Environment Agengy)

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