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14 April 2010

More Wind Turbines

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Wind turbines, which produce clean energy, are set to become a fixture in the Polish landscape

The wind power industry is the fastest developing branch of renewable energy. The technology used to build wind turbines is becoming increasingly simple and at the same time modern wind turbines are up to 99 percent efficient. Most wind power in the EU is produced by Germany and Spain and the leading producer among small countries is Denmark.

The wind power industry started to develop in Poland at the end of the last century, mainly along the Baltic coast. According to the Energy Regulatory Office (URE), at the end of 2009 the installed capacity of wind farms in Poland totaled 724 MW. Wind-power-related projects in this country include 13 wind farms and a number of single wind turbines and small groups of low-output units scattered all over the country. For the time being, the amount of wind power produced in Poland remains one of the lowest in Europe, with per capita output at 0.012 kW and 1.44 kW per square kilometer of land. Under a government plan, the installed capacity of the wind power industry is expected to reach 2,000 MW this year. As a result, wind power will account for 2.3 percent of electricity consumption nationwide.

Investment in the wind power industry gained momentum last year. In October, the country's largest wind farm was launched in Margonin, Wielkopolska province. The farm, built by Neolica Polska Sp. z o.o., a company that is part of the Energias de Portugal corporation, has a power output of 120 MW and comprises 60 wind power units each with a capacity of 2 MW. The farm will produce around 260,000 MWh of energy per year. Also last year, the RWE corporation launched the Suwałki Wind Farm in the eastern province of Podlasie. The farm consists of 18 turbines which are the tallest structures of this kind in Poland. Each tower stands 100 meters tall and the rotors are almost 93 m in diameter. Together, the power units can produce at least 80 million kWh of electricity per year.

(The Warsaw Voice)

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