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17 February 2010

North East England plans giant wind turbine test rig

Aumenta dimensioni testoDiminuisci dimensioni testo
Offshore wind centre of excellence to add another string to its bow

A facility to test offshore wind turbines prior to deployment is to be built at Blyth in Northumberland as part of plans released today by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) that will further enhance the region's status as one of the world's leading hubs for wind energy technologies.

The Institute said the rig will be large enough to accommodate the central hub and blades of some of the world's largest turbines and will boast input power of up to 15MW.

Two companies, Converteam and HORIBA Instruments, are providing competing designs for the rig and one is expected to be selected to begin work on the new facility before the end of 2011.


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