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25 March 2010

Pesticides Eliminating Bees Quickly

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A federal survey has discovered more honeybees died off this winter, and another study revealed honeybees' pollen and hives are burdened with pesticides, according to a recent Associated Press (AP) report

Two federal agencies and regulators in California and Canada, which are all trying to find what is behind this relatively recent threat, have ordered new research on pesticides used in fields and orchards.

The federal courts ruled this month that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency overlooked a requirement when allowing pesticide on the market.

On Thursday, chemists at a scientific conference in San Francisco plan to respond to the new study by taking on the issue of chemicals and dwindling bees.

Scientists are concerned about the important role bees play in our food supply. Close to one-third of the human diet is from plants that require pollination from honeybees.


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