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12 March 2010

Regulated Water Management

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This may sound a surprising assertion on the face of it, but we expect that within a few years every UK new build domestic house will have rainwater harvesting equipment installed as standard

Without it, developers and builders will not be able to meet the requirement for water usage laid down in the Code for Sustainable Homes.

It underlines just how far up the public agenda the need for sustainable water usage has come.

Global warming has meant that government and industry has had to engage in a candid review of our water resources; one which is likely to lead to significant changes in how we all use treated water. And one in which means many people are going to have to put greater value on the water they use. The consequences of climate change will almost certainly result in a limit being imposed on individual water usage, with future generations having to mange in a world where consumption rates are less than half those currently.

As better management of water resources has become a priority, so we have seen the introduction of building assessments and regulations to improve water usage in new developments.

(Environmental Data Interactive Exchange)

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