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16 September 2010

Scotland heads eight European countries in wind development

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Partnership targets planning consent to speed renewables deployment
A Scottish-led EU partnership looking to increase onshore and offshore wind development by increasing consenting rates was launched by Scottish energy minister Jim Mather today.

The Good Practice Wind Project aims to help the EU achieve its 2020 carbon reduction targets for onshore and offshore wind projects across Europe. Also included in the group's remit is the consideration of environmental issues in future wind projects.

The partners come from eight countries within the EU: Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Norway, Malta and Italy.

Scotland is also to play a leading part in an EU project looking at plans for a European-wide carbon capture and storage (CCS) network that would include Scotland as a key hub. This follows collaboration between the Scottish and French governments on European carbon capture opportunities.

"International progress on renewables must be in harmony with environmental considerations," said Mather at the launch in Glasgow. "That's why the GP Wind project is such an important initiative, balancing our international vision for significant renewables investment with wider environmental objectives.


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