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12 January 2011

Siemens, Dong, test new offshore turbines

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Danish utility Dong Energy has teamed with Siemens Wind Power to test a new generation of offshore wind turbines

Siemens Wind Power, one of the world's most successful turbine makers, will supply two of its new 6 megawatt, direct-drive offshore turbines plus an updated model of its 3.6 MW turbine with a 393-foot rotor.

The turbines, the latest in Siemens technology, are to be installed at test sites in British and Danish waters, Dong said in a recent statement. The deal is part of an $80 million plan to boost Dong's offshore wind experience and increase sector efficiency. The company didn't give a date when construction would start.

"For Dong Energy, the implementation of new, more efficient, technologies and optimized concepts and processes is an important element in reducing the costs of offshore wind," Dong Chief Executive Officer Anders Eldrup said in a statement.

(Wind Daily)

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