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09 March 2010

Sweden plans 2,000 wind turbines

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The Swedish government has announced plans for the construction of 2,000 wind turbines over the next ten years

The goal is to increase electricity production from renewable energy sources by 25 terawatt hours by 2020. This can be compared with a total electricity production from Swedish nuclear power in 2009 of around 50 terawatt hours.

Enterprise Minister Olofsson explained that the expansion of renewable energy production will be stimulated by applying new quotas in the electricity certificate system. The system will thus be extended to 2035.

Olofsson underlined that Sweden is also in a strong position to rapidly expand electricity production from biofuel thermal energy power stations.

The minister explained current high electricity prices with the extremely cold winter and large quantities of snow at the same time as several nuclear reactors have been out of service.

Olofsson observed that Sweden currently has the EU's highest proportion of renewable energy production and underlined the government's goal that by 2020 it will meet 50 percent of energy needs.


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