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19 April 2010

The rise of the WIMBY - campaign calls for wind in my back yard

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With the election fast approaching, a pro-wind pressure group is calling on the public to show their support for renewable energy by lobbying local candidates to back wind turbines

Trade association Renewable UK has teamed up with campaigners from Embrace My Planet to highlight the fact that politicians positions do not reflect the public stance on turbines.

The "I am a WIMBY" campaign pokes fun at the Not in My Back Yard (NIMBY) often criticism leveled against those who oppose the development of onshore wind.

A survey carried out for Renewable UK suggests that while over three quarters of the British public appear to support expansion of onshore wind, just over half of the candidates standing for election next month agree that such a policy is necessary for the UK to deliver on its renewable energy targets.

"Year after year, independent polls suggest that over 80% of the people in this country support further deployment of wind energy, yet the research shows candidates are not listening to this public enthusiasm for wind energy and are not placing enough emphasis on using onshore wind as a source of energy," a spokesperson for the group told edie.

The campaign encourages voters to lobby their Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to ask them to commit to supporting wind power.

(Environmental Data Interactive,

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