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01 April 2010

UK government claims world first with public sector climate change regime

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Carbon Reduction Delivery and Adaptation Plans set out for every major government department

The UK government has today unveiled one of the widest ranging public sector climate change strategies in the world, the the publication of detailed new strategies outlining how every major government department will address the challenge of climate change.

The Carbon Reduction Delivery and Adaptation Plans set out each department's commitment to minimise the damage of climate change, by reducing emissions and adapting their own estates, operations and policies in preparation for what it describes as inevitable change in the UK climate.

At the same time, a single overview of what government is doing, Climate Change: Taking Action – Delivering the Low Carbon Transition Plan and preparing for a changing climate has been made public.

Publishing the plans, environment secretary Hilary Benn said: "There can be no mistaking that some climate change is inevitable and we will need to adjust the way we live our lives to meet these new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities where possible. These plans are by no means the final word, but are a step towards the low-carbon, well-adapted society that we need."


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