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22 February 2011

UK ticks towards carbon-saving time

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Government poised to support moving clocks forward an hour all year round in new tourism strategy

The government will this week signal that it could support proposals to move the clocks forward by an hour, according to reports suggesting the coalition's new tourism strategy will argue that changing the clocks would cut carbon emissions and boost the UK's economy.

The strategy, which is due to be launched this week, will include a plan to shift British clocks an hour forward all year round, bringing the UK into line with mainland Europe.

However, the proposals are likely to require support from the Scottish Parliament, where some politicians are opposed to the idea, if they are to be approved.

Campaign group Lighter Later, which is lobbying for the move, has said the darker morning and lighter evenings brought about by the change would slash energy consumption and save 447,000 tonnes of CO2 every winter.

The idea was introduced by Conservative MP Rebecca Harris last year as a private members' bill, which is currently being scrutinised by a committee of MPs after passing its second reading.


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