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20 January 2011

UK tops world offshore wind league

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New statistics show giant wind farm projects are leaving rivals in UK's wake

The UK has cemented its position as the world's largest offshore wind producer with 1,341MW of installed capacity - almost half of Europe's total capacity.

New statistics released by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) show the UK has far outstripped its European rivals as giant wind farms like Thanet, Walney and Greater Gabbard started to come online. Once fully up and running, these projects should push the UK over the 2GW mark.

Denmark with 854MW of capacity, the Netherlands with 249MW, Belgium with 195MW and Sweden with 164MW were next in line, while Germany, Ireland, Finland and Norway boast a further 145MW of capacity between them.

The latest figures comfirm that the European total of osffshore wind capacity stands at 2,946MW from 1,136 wind turbines, enough to power just under three million EU households.

According to an accompanying EWEA report, another 19GW of offshore capacity has been consented.


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