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19 July 2010

Wind strengthening across Europe to 2020

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Analysis of national plans shows EU will have more installed wind capacity than solar and hydro combined

Wind power will dwarf all other renewable energy technologies in Europe, with more estimated installed capacity by 2020 than hydropower and solar put together, according to a report by ENDS Europe, based on analysis of 13 national renewable energy action plans.

In 2020, with estimated generation of more than 100,000GWh, Germany will confirm its lead ahead of Spain and the UK, both at around 78,000GWh. The UK plans to grow its generation more than fivefold from current levels.

Wind power growth in the UK, according to its national plan, is strongly reliant on off-shore generation, with installed capacity expected to reach nearly 13,000MW by 2020, starting from 1390MW today.

The Netherlands and Poland also have very ambitious growth plans in terms of electricity generation from wind, rising from 4470GWh and 1911GWh respectively at present to an estimated 32,408GWh and 13,541GWh in 2020.

Denmark’s early lead in the sector is going to be superseded by more rapid growth in other countries over the next decade. By 2020, Denmark expects to generate 11,713GWh of electricity from wind, placing it behind eight other EU countries out of the 13 analysed. At present Denmark is in fourth place with 8,606GWh.

Solar, biomass and hydropower will be the other top sources of renewable energy for electricity in 2020. Germany is the expected leader for solar with 41,389GWh and for biomass with 49,457GWh. Italy and Spain complete the top three for solar power, which is expected to grow faster than any other technology in the next 10 years.

Hydroelectric power, currently the largest source of renewable energy in Europe, will continue to be a major source especially in Sweden, Italy and Spain which expect to generate respectively 68,000GWh, 42,000GWh and 39,593GWh in 2020.


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