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22 February 2010

Wireless Technologies in Renewable Energy Markets

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The same wireless technologies that are used in many utility applications are available to renewable energy plants

As alternative energy sources such as wind and solar become an increasingly compelling solution for power generation, utility operators are looking for new ways to maximize their investment in communication networks while ensuring reliable, secure data transmission across them. A variety of communication options exist, including data radios, fiber-optic cable, cell phones and satellite modems.

The same wireless technologies used in many utility applications, such as distribution automation, are available to renewable energy plants. With wind turbines and solar power generation, systems can often benefit from the cost savings of wireless versus fiber optic cable. While fiber is both an expensive and time-consuming process to install, wireless technologies are easily deployed, dependable solutions. Wireless technologies can support all types of solar power generation models, from the solar troughs, dishes, tracking photovoltaic and heliostats, delivering information directly to the user's desktop.


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