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26 June 2005

Your Online Tailor

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Jeep, 34, works as a manager for a large consulting company in Holland. He needs to look smart for work but he cannot afford to go to a tailor has found a solution to the delocalization of the clothing industry. The tool, developed in Europe, is called CustoMax and is a system for simplifying the mass production of made-to-measure suits.

Jeep, 34, works as a manager for a large consulting company in Holland. He needs to look smart for work but he cannot afford to go to a tailor. However, money is no longer a problem as he has found working with CustoMax a much cheaper solution. 

CustoMax is a Web-band platform that supports dynamic management in the supply chain of the made-to-fit fashion industry. The tool simplifies the manufacture of clothing at its different stages from retailers, manufacturers, and their suppliers. Although currently used for formal clothing, it will soon be extended to casual garments as well.

 Jeep can now wear perfectly fitted suits, according to his own tastes and he can call his retailer and have his measurements taken whenever he requires a new suit. Then the retailer will enter all the measures into his/her computer and add Jeeps’ fashion preferences – a white-blue pinstriped suit with two pleats. Two clicks are enough to confirm and send the data via the Internet to the manufacturer.

 In Jeep’s case, the order is sent to Odermark, a manufacturer in Germany. There, the central computer designs a virtual pattern of the suit, which is composed of about 150 pieces. It will then forward the instructions to a cutting machine.

 A professional dressmaker will finally assemble all of the pieces and three weeks later, Jeep will be able to try it on.

 CustoMax is the culmination of three years’ of research by a European team financially supported by the EU. The project, called, is one of the best examples of the marketing successes of new technology promoted under the European IST programme.

 In addition, this tool sets a milestone in the fight against the delocalization drive, as it requires a highly skilled workforce, it cuts costs and prices, and assures the highest product quality. As Alexander EISKIRCH – Export manager from the Odermark manufacturer declares, the benefits for all are evident: (from German): “Every partner benefits: the tailor, the fabric shop, the customer of course, but us too. Our manufacturers can quickly respond to the orders. Thanks to this new platform we also have the opportunity to monitor the latest trends, the fabrics that are the most popular or the most successful patterns. Then we can really focus our sale forces what are the latest customer needs. And for this, this new technology is very useful”. provides its content to all media free of charge. We would appreciate if you could acknowledge as the source of the content.