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03 March 2010

Silicon Labs Greens Up Smart Home/Smart Meter Market with Lowest Power Wireless Microcontrollers

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Single-Chip Solution Ideal for Battery-Powered Systems with RF Connectivity

The demand for smart energy technology continues to grow each year as government initiatives mandate upgrades to the grid, as well as adding intelligence to meters that measure water, gas and heat. The market for smart home products, such as lighting and HVAC controls, in-home utility monitors and home security systems, is also on the rise, driven in part by the desire to conserve energy and by the expansion of home automation services and standards-based wireless technologies.

Today's smart home/smart grid applications merge wired/wireless connectivity and embedded control with power-efficient design to maximize battery life. The ultra-low-power Si10xx wireless MCU family is ideally suited for these battery-operated systems with RF links, as well as for many other embedded wireless applications that require ultra-low power consumption.


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