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The fight on plastics heats up in the EU
The fight on plastics heats up in the EU A wind of change is blowing across Europe, trying to sweep away all the plastic bags that are littering our countries. January 2018 has been a busy month in this sense.
Speeding up nature’s oil spill cleaners
Speeding up nature’s oil spill cleaners Imagine if oil spills could be completely cleaned up soon after a marine accident. And this could be made possible thanks to none other than warrior microorganisms who attacked and completely broke down the oil.
Champions of Waste Reduction
Champions of Waste Reduction Other regions in Europe are motivated by success stories like this one, and are now supported by a team of experts from ECOPOL to implement their new policies.
Is desertification on the increase?
Is desertification on the increase? News of increased desertification has made headlines. Yet this process is not well understood.
Radar exposing water leaks
Radar exposing water leaks Water from underground pipes often leaks. Particularly, in countries with an antiquated underground waterpipe infrastructure. In the case of Greece, for example, leaks are estimated to constitute up to 50% of total consumption.
More Crops per Drop!
More Crops per Drop! A solution is much needed to fight droughts and preserve crops. Researchers have now developed a device capable of checking the humidity in the soil, and releasing irrigation water as needed – just enough without wasting it .
Marco Borga: Flash floods predictions, subject to models’ limitations
Marco Borga: Flash floods predictions, subject to models’ limitations Flash floods are very localised weather events. They are mostly triggered by heavy rainfall. Typically, over a period of less than 12 hours. They occur very infrequently at any one place.
Crowdsourcing biodiversity watch
Crowdsourcing biodiversity watch Following the 2006 ban on sturgeon fishing, the Romanian town of Sfantu Gheorghe, located at the mouth of the Danube river, turned to other income source to replace its fishing based economy.
Under the weather, literally
Under the weather, literally We can blame all sorts of things on the weather. But a stomach bug?  It seems unlikely. Yet, scientists say greater quantities of rainfall and bigger storms will lead to more stomach upsets in parts of Europe.
Vanishing Lakes
Vanishing Lakes Freshwater ecosystems, already under stress from land-use change and pollution, now face additional pressures from climate change, directly and through interaction with other drivers.