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December 2010
27 December 2010Engineers produce the world's smallest Christmas card

Engineers from the University of Glasgow produced it to highlight their world-leading nanotechnology expertise

27 December 2010Compound That Prevents the Growth of Prostate Cancer Cells Identified

Researchers from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the University of Turku have demonstrated that an antibiotic called "monensin" prevents the growth of prostate cancer cells

27 December 2010Scotland generates quarter of electricity from renewables

Second upbeat renewables report in as many days brings Christmas cheer to clean tech sector

22 December 2010Comprehensive Wind Info Collected to Improve Renewable Energy

Meteorological equipment typically used to monitor storms could help power grid operators know when to expect winds that will send turbine blades spinning, as well as help them avoid the sudden stress that spinning turbines could put on the electrical grid

22 December 2010Switzerland moves to join Europe’s carbon market

Negotiations to bring Switzerland into the EU’s Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) were approved yesterday (20 December) by EU environment ministers. The European Commission is expected to start talks early next year

22 December 2010Geothermal projects share £1.1m prize

Three projects selected to explore viability of potential 'hot rocks' sites

21 December 2010Waterways contribute to growth of potent greenhouse gas

Nitrous oxide, a potent greenhouse gas, has increased by more than 20 percent over the last century, and nitrogen in waterways is fueling part of that growth, according to a Michigan State University study

21 December 2010New Ideas To Enhance Efficiency Of Wind Turbines

One issue confronting the efficiency of wind as a promising renewable energy source is the wind itself-specifically, its changeability

21 December 2010New solar cells could even work at night

U.S. researchers say they've developed a new kind of solar cell that can generate energy even at night, promising a new form of renewable energy

21 December 2010EU motors ahead with van emissions targets

Green groups argue that watered down standards will increase corporate fuel bills